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Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. (BHI) is a local non-profit behavioral health organization (BHO) serving Medicaid members in Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties. BHI is committed to excellence in mental health services delivery. We strive to promote recovery by focusing on the unique needs, strengths and hopes of members and families. Recently, BHI was awarded a contract by the State of Colorado to provide Peer Support services with the Mental Health Institutes (MHI) located at in Denver and Pueblo, CO.

BHI is seeking a several full-time and part-time Peer Support Specialists (PSS) to supplement the MHI's multidisciplinary Treatment Team approach by providing lived experience and client-oriented insight through Peer Support Specialists, who assist patients in their stabilization and recovery by providing reassurance, guidance, information, and encouragement through all stages of the recovery process.

Fulfilling a unique services gap, Peer Support Specialists assist patients in their stabilization and recovery by providing reassurance, guidance, information, and encouragement. Active patient contact is a primary objective of this position and is operationalized across a variety of duties and tasks.

Working collaboratively with the Institutes' treatment teams, the Peer Support Specialist assists patients across all stages of the recovery process. This position is an outreach liaison, providing a bridge between the unique experience of the patient and the clinical expertise of the professional staff. Peer Support Specialists assist patients with unit orientation, explaining program expectations, filling out Patient Preference form(s), and represent a calm and reassuring presence that is especially crucial during a patient's first 24 hours at the Institutes. In coordination with unit staff, Peer Support Specialist facilitate patient needs (e.g. information, the provision of hygiene items as deemed appropriate by staff) in an effort to personalize the admissions process.

Peer Support Specialists support patient recovery at both the interpersonal and organizational levels. With regard to the interpersonal, Peer Support Specialist interact with patients in a variety of capacities. Operating from a foundation of support and peer advocacy, Peer Support Specialist engage patients on the unit(s) informally, as well as in psycho-educational classes, therapeutic groups, and in a variety of activity therapies. Peer Support Specialist assist clinicians in the running of these activities, as well as individually facilitating peer run Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) groups.

Peer Support Specialist model recovery-oriented behaviors, encourage patient engagement, seek opportunities to coach social skills, foster optimism, and bolster hope. Additionally, Peer Support Specialist assist peers in the development of problem-solving skills, constructive negotiation, decision-making skills and realistic goal setting. The vehicle for fostering these skills are built upon the common factors of trust, empathy, and rapport, all the while maintaining appropriate boundaries commensurate with the Peer Support Specialist paraprofessional role.

Organizationally, Peer Support Specialist collaborate both formally and informally with the multidisciplinary team. Informal collaboration involves providing behavioral observations to staff and offering insights into patient perspectives from the viewpoint of an advocate/Peer Specialist. Formally, Peer Support Specialist attend and are expected to contribute to treatment planning sessions, hospital-wide Recovery Committees, staff training sessions, shift-change discussions, and other meetings/committees as assigned.


50% Provide Peer Support Services.

  • Meet with patients within 24 hours of admission to provide a calm and reassuring presence, and orient patients to the unit and the program 
  • Respond to requests from staff for peers support for a patient within same shift and meet with patient within 24 hours of the referral from staff. 
  • Build relationships with peer members using peer specialist and other training (e.g. Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP); supporting peer members as needed to promote recovery, presenting personal recovery experiences in a positive and therapeutic manner, without glorifying problem experiences 
  • Works with a team and individually to provide necessary support to patients and assist them in the development of problem solving, goal setting, decision making, and realistic goal setting. Support includes advocacy, education, and mentoring, as needed. 

20% Documentation.

  • Ensure that patient contact is documented, allowing adequate time for same-day documentation of patient interaction. 
  • Complete paperwork as required by MHI or BHI. 
  • Writes and submits reports in a timely manner. 

20% Group Participation & Facilitation.

  • May facilitate or co-facilitate groups as needed. Presents educational programs to providers or members, which may include WRAP, wellness classes, etc. 
  • Assist Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Psychologists and Social Workers with TIC groups 
  • Co-lead WRAP groups 
  • Assist facilitation of groups and encourage client engagement in treatment 
  • Present in Hope Enhancing groups for patients  

10% Coordination of Care with MHI

  • Attend plan of care meetings, as requested by patients or staff 
  • Attend morning meetings with their home unit team 
  • Participate in hospital wide Recovery Committee 
  • Serve on recovery oriented committees 
  • Immediately alert staff of any dangerous situation(s) 
  • Participate in staff training sessions, providing insight based on peer specialist and consumer perspectives 
  • Attend and complete MHI required training for Peer Support Specialists or MHI staff.


Education: High School Diploma or equivalent (required).

Years of Experience:

  • Experience with mental health issues and recovery. (Required) 
  • Previous experience working in behavioral healthcare. (Preferred) 
  • Age: At least 18 years of age. (Required) 

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:

  •  Peer Specialist Training Certificate that includes the Colorado State Core Competencies. (required) 
  • Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Training Course. (required) 
  • Ability to complete required training at the assigned Mental Health Institute. (Required) 
  • Willing to complete BHI trainings and continuing education 
  • Leadership/Accountability: Works with integrity and ethically, inspires the trust of others. Demonstrated ability to accept ownership, takes initiative and assumes responsibility. Does not blame or pass problems off onto others but takes the initiative to get the right people involved and to resolve matters quickly and effectively. (Required) 
  • Judgment/Decision-Making/Problem-solving: Excellent judgment, decision-making and problem-solving skills. Ability to think through likely cause of problems before referring them to others. Escalates issues to management and clinical staff appropriately. Involves others appropriately in decision-making. (required) 
  • Adaptability: Ability to work well in a team environment as well as independently. Ability to be flexible and work within the system. Able and willing to take on and learn additional and different responsibilities. Effectively manages pressure, not easily frustrated. Ability to work in a dynamic environment, and to adapt easily to change. Demonstrates consistently positive attitude toward change. Emotionally stable, able to handle crises and to maintain composure. Ability to work well under stressful situations. (required) 
  • Communication: Able to effectively communicate (verbally, written, and interpersonally) with poise and professionalism in highly charged and stressful situations. Expresses disagreements professionally, and an ability to work towards conflict resolution. Ability to facilitate group discussions. Effectively and assertively presents one's point of view without alienating others. Communicates openly with supervisor. Ability to read, write, and speak English fluently. (required) 
  • Cultural Competency: Demonstrates ability to understand a variety of patients including those from different cultural backgrounds; ability to work with diverse populations; shows respect and sensitivity for cultural differences. (required) 
  • Ability to maintain a strict level of confidentiality with patients and staff, and comply with HIPAA (required) 
  • Knowledge of mental illnesses, including knowing when to refer a patient to a therapist, how and when to report something to a supervisor, basic knowledge of mental health diagnoses as well as substance abuse disorders. (required) 
  • Ability to model by example recovery-oriented behaviors. (required) 
  • Solid understanding and skill in the Colorado Peer Specialist's Core Competencies, including knowledge of mental illnesses; client rights and confidentiality/ethics and roles; interpersonal skills; knowledge and experience with the model of recovery; knowledge of resources; self-care; teaching skills; basic work competencies; and trauma-informed support. See Attachment B for details. (Required) 
  • Solid ability to follow through on details and ensure completion of obligations in accordance with established procedures. (Required) 
  • Has reliable transportation to the assigned work location. (Required) 
  • Proficient keyboarding, PC, and Internet skills (required) 
  • Willingness to work a flexible schedule across various shifts, including weekend hours as necessary to accommodate business requirements, working overtime as needed. (Required) 
  • Maintains regular and acceptable attendance at such level as determined by his/her manager. (Required) 
  • Does not pose a direct threat or significant risk of substantial harm to the safety or health of him/herself or others. (Required) 
  • Is committed to a high standard of compliance and safety; and must be willing to report potential/actual compliance and safety violations to appropriate supervisory or management personnel. (Required) 
  • Successfully completes substance abuse testing and background check consistent with State of Colorado hiring practices. (Required) 
  • Willing to comply with the MHI infection control mandates (e.g. TB testing, mandatory vaccinations) (Required) 
  • Travel: 0-10%, travel possible (Required) 

Required Core Competencies for Peer Specialists

Knowledge Of Mental Illness

  • When to refer a patient to a therapist 
  • How and when to report something to a supervisor 
  • Basic knowledge of mental health diagnoses 
  • Basic knowledge of substance abuse disorder 

Client Rights & Confidentiality/ Ethics & Roles

  • Understand patient rights 
  • Understand confidentiality 
  • Understand the Peer Specialist Role, including boundary issues and the "scope of his/her role"- (not therapists) 
  • Understand HIPAA 
  • Understand dual relationship issues 
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of how to recognize and manage situations where the peer, patient, or others may be at risk 

Interpersonal Skills

  • Maintain smooth working relationships 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand a variety of patient including those from different cultural backgrounds 
  • Demonstrate the ability to form relationships with a variety of patients 
  • Demonstrate the ability to use his/her experience in recovery to serve as role models for patient seeking help 
  • Help patients think and advocate for themselves 
  • Advocate for patients 
  • Help patients solve problems, set goals, make decisions etc. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to work on a team 
  • Demonstrate the ability to work towards conflict resolution, and see one's "part" in a conflict 
  • Demonstrate the ability to problem solve 


  • Know what recovery is 
  • Help patients achieve recovery 
  • Help patients recognize and overcome obstacles to recovery 
  • Understand stigma/discrimination and its impact on the individual 
  • Understanding of person centered planning 


  • Knowledge of community resources 
  • Knowledge of resources specific to the mental health system 

Self Care

  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize when health (mental health issues, physical issues, stress, etc.) compromise the ability to work 
  • Be able to care for self and/or receive proper care when health issues are present 
  • Support recognition of work/life balance 

Teaching Skills

  • Demonstrate the ability to teach patients life skills and/or referring patients for help in those areas 

Basic Work Competencies

  • Demonstrate the ability to ask for help and seek supervision 
  • Demonstrate the ability to accept feedback from supervisor about ability to work 

Trauma-Informed Support

  • Understand impact of trauma and responses to trauma 
  • Demonstrates sensitivity and acceptance of individual experiences 
  • Practice cultural sensitivity 
  • Promote shared decision-making 

If you are among the best, you will have the opportunity to work with a talented, inspired and energetic workforce. Fully qualified candidates may expect competitive pay, commensurate with experience in addition to the typical benefits that you would find at other larger, for profit companies. Some of the benefits that you don't typically find at other companies that BHI offers its employees include:
• Excellent health insurance starting at $1/month
• Good dental insurance starting at $1/month
• Employer paid short-term disability insurance
• Employer paid long-term disability insurance
• Employer paid long-term care insurance
• 401k Match - 100% up to 4% annual salary
• 20 days of PTO per year--That's four weeks!
• 9 paid holidays per year
• Extended illness bank

Folks interested in working with this type of environment should apply online at:

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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